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French Valley  Process Service

California Serve can deliver your documents anywhere in the United States.


Placing your order is quick and simple and our services fees start at $50.00 for a routine assignment. Simply call or email to get an accurate quote based on your service zipcode and the amount of defendants for service., fax or mail us the documents.  Once the documents are received our intake department sets up the job and assigns it to one of our registered process servers.  We then offer online status tracking via our website making service updates simple and quick. Once your assignment has been completed, we'll email or call you with the service details.  


Our nationwide process service is fast, reliable and affordable!


At California Serve, we know selecting the right process server can be a difficult task.  We know, not all process servers are alike.  We have over a decade of process service experience and serve thousands of documents every year.

Common Legal Documents we serve:

  • Summons & Complaints                        

  • Peitions for Dissolution

  • Unlawful Detainers/Evictions

  • Notice to Pay Rent or Quit

  • Trial & Depo Subpoenas                       

  • Motions

  • Orders

  • Small Claims matters

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