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Hiring the right Process Server

Service of process is not simple.  It takes more than walking up to a door or business and handing the papers over.  Every document has it's own procedure guiding how service of process should be effected.  In California, legal documents can be personally served, sub-served or posted.  Additionally each type of legal document (summons & complaint, small claims, subpoena, eviction, restraining order, writ) has it's own specific civil procedure.  


At California Serve we know and understand these civil procedures, ensuring your legal documents are served properly the first time.


You can hire the Sheriff's Department to serve your legal documents,  they typically charge $35.00 for 3 attempts. This limited time frame does not ensure a successful serve, and good luck trying to get status updates or other information from them...


That's why hiring a private process server from California Serve offers serveral key benefits. Maybe the most important benefit, all our process servers are registered and bonded ensuring success process service over 90% of the time. Our servers know the state rules and regulations preventing improper service from occuring and know all the options available when personal service in not an option.


When you need to get your legal documents served without fail, you need to hire a professional process server from California Serve.  


Call us today!!! (866) 243-0473 or Click here for a free quote.

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