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Eviction Services

California Serve & Eviction 

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Unlawful Detainer (Eviction)


Serving Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles Counties

Residential & Commercial

If your case has been filed and you require service

please call our office for assistance.

There are a number of ways to evict someone from a home or business.  In order to do so you must follow all the necessary steps & there are a number of forms to fill out.  This process also requires that the occupant(s) be properly served with a termination notice. 

California Serve has the benefit of employing Licensed and Bonded Process servers.   Not only do we insure every step of the case is done in accordance with the statute, but we properly serve the occupant(s) with your Notice to initiate the Unlawful Detainer action.  Our office has the ability to handle your case from start to finish, saving you time, money, and insuring proper handling of your case in a timely manner. 

We offer complete packages starting with drafting of and serving your Notice (3-Day, 30 Day, etc).  We will then draft and file your summons and complaint and send it to you for review and signature.  Once filed, we begin attempts to serve the occupant(s).  An Uncontested Eviction will take approximately 30-60 days to have the tenant removed from your property.  All our cases are prepared "In Pro Per" by a licensed Unlawful Detainer Assistant. We are not allowed to give out any legal advice in these matters and prepare the legal documents at the clients request and direction.

Contact us for full details in a brief 15 minute consultation.

Our office will handle every step of your case:


  • Drafting and Serving the Notice (3-Day/30-day)

  • Preparing your case (Summons and Complaint)

  • Filing the case with the appropriate court

  • Serving the occupant(s) w/ Licensed Process Server

  • Drafting and filing a proof of service

  • Entering your request for default judgment

  • Having Judgment Issued by the court

  • Setting your hearing (if needed)

Additional services are available upon request:

  • Issuing the Writ of Possession (Additional $40 Court fee is required)

  • Deliver the Writ and Letter of Instruction to the local sheriff's office (Additional $145 Sheriff fee is required)

  • Attend your scheduled lockout

  • Contact and schedule a locksmith

  • Collect back rent through judgment enforcement

  • Prepare Levy and Garnishment Packages

  • Prepare File and Serve Small Claims Matters

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