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Small Claims California

We serve Small Claims throughout the entire state of California

Simplify the Process

We make suing a business or individual easy. Our staff will prepare all case documents.  All you need to do is fill out our form and and show up to court.  We take care of the rest.

How it Works

You give us all

the details

of your claims

We process your paperwork and file it with the court

A case manager hadles all the details, notifying you of key dates

Your case will  be heard in front of a judge


(Pricing for local business service)


(Our Fees start at $60.00 but

can go up based on location)


(Already have your claim filed?  We use Professional Process Servers to deliver your documents in a timely fashion)

Court Filing Fees





(866) 243-0473





(Package fee includes professional document preparation, opening the case service on 1 defendant at 1 address and filing the proof of service. Court filing fees are in addition to the Package fee.)

(Package fee opening the case and filing the proof of service. Serving documents via Certified Mailing. Court filing fees are in addition to the Package fee.)

(all court filing fees are in addtion to the document prepartion fees)

$1 to $1,500


$1,501 to $5,000


$5,001 to $10,000


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*California Serve is not an attorney.  We do not provide legal advice of any kind.  We only help to seamlessly process the paperwork for individuals who have decided to pursue litigation The following is our refund policy.  We believe that the policy is extremely fair, Keep in mind that California Serve does not keep record of your credit card information all payments are made though Indy/Stripe for your protection and safety. Should you request a refund, we will require your credit card number, expiration date and your billing zip code. If our staff at California Serve has started your small claim forms there will be no refund. Thank you for your understanding and business.

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